Thai Iced Tea is new on the menu!

Thai Iced Tea – NEW!

After months of recipe development, we finally have healthy Thai Iced Tea without red food coloring! We make our blend in house. Available with half & half or organic coconut milk, and you choose your level of sweetness. Add boba to take it to the next level!

Healthy Ingredients

Customers have always asked why we don’t have Thai Iced Tea on our menu. We are committed to serving only high-quality, all natural teas that do not contain artificial dyes or flavors. Unfortunately, the pre-blended Thai tea used in most restaurants contains red food coloring which is why we never offered it on our menu. Now we are proud to serve a hand-blended freshly brewed Thai Iced Tea made with the following healthy ingredients:

• Dobrá’s Black Tea

• Dobrá’s Oolong Tea

• Pure Vanilla

• Thai spices

• Organic Turmeric

• Pure cane sugar (non-GMO)

• Half & Half or Organic Coconut Milk

• Optional: Grade A Tapioca Pearls called Boba

The addition of organic turmeric makes the beverage slightly orange and adds extra healthy antioxidants. Our Thai Iced Tea has now become a new customer favorite! To view the rest of our iced tea menu, click here. To view our bubble tea menu, click here.

thai iced tea

Thai Iced Tea with Boba