Herbal Tea

herbal tea

Herbal Tea

 All herbs are certified organic and are caffeine-free.

Prices range from 5.00 – 5.50

House Blends

At Peace

Be at peace and relax with this soothing cup of herbal tea, or drink to enhance a calm, reflective state of mind. This harmonious blend contains chamomile, lemongrass, rose petals, ginger, hibiscus, and orange peel.


Boost your brain and mental capacity–clarity, intuition, and memory. This refreshing herbal blend contains gingko leaf, gotu kola, nettles, and rosemary to give your brain the energy it needs.


Stillness, dreamtime, and relaxation are just a cup away. This soothing herbal blend of chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, and skullcap is sure to ease your stress.


Enjoy the mood enhancing benefits of this great tasting infusion. The combination of St. John’s wort, spearmint, lemon balm, tusli, and gingko is sure to lift your spirits, decrease stress, and restore balance.


Hibiscus, hawthorne, rose hips, rose petals, orange peel, and lemongrass. The red flower of the tropical hibiscus plant gives this herbal infusion its rich, pink color. The addition of orange peel and lemongrass adds a subtle fruity taste to this beautiful infusion.

Shakespeare’s Tea

This particular blend of lavender, sweet savory, marjoram, and marigold appears in The Winter Tale, Act 4. Enjoy this delicious herbal blend compliments of Shakespeare!

Lemon Love

This energizing and rejuvenating herbal blend of lemongrass, lemon balm, and lemon peel. Served with fresh lemon.


Enhance your body’s immune system to help keep you well in any season. Echinacea purpurea root, cinnamon bark, nettles, orange peel, licorice root, roasted dandelion root, sassafras, ginger.

Rooibos Chai Masala

Rooibos tea with our masala spice blend containing cinnamon, ginger, clove, fennel, and orange peel. Served with organic milk (cow, coconut, almond, rice, or soy) and honey.


Tulsi Chai

Tulsi Basil, cane sugar, and your choice of organic milk (cow, coconut, almond, rice, or soy). This rich, creamy infusion is topped with cardamom! Similar to Chai Chai Chai!

Chaga Chai

Chaga, the “Mushroom of Immortality,”  is a nutrient dense medicinally powerful mushroom. Prepared with masala spice, cane sugar, your choice of organic milk (cow, coconut, almond, rice, or soy). Topped with cardamom. Substitute honey option. Wildcrafted.

Reishi Tonic

Medicinal mushrooms & herbs known for boosting immunity, adrenal health, mood, memory, and intuition. Reishi, cordyceps, chaga, shilajit, raw cacao, fo-ti, mucuna, blue-green algae, and gotu kola. Made with organic milk (cow, coconut, almond, rice, or soy), cane sugar, and topped with cinnamon. Substitute honey option.

Turmeric Golden Milk

Turmeric’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties create a potent medicinal tea that supports digestive, immune, and liver health. Organic turmeric, organic milk (cow, coconut, almond, rice, or soy), cane sugar, and topped with cinnamon. Sub honey option.

Kava Chai

Kava kava root is native to the Pacific Islands. It has tongue-numbing effect and an ability to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety. Made with organic kava, organic milk (cow, coconut, almond, rice, or soy), and cane sugar. Topped with organic cinnamon. Substitute honey upon request.

Kashaya Chai

A sweet and spicy herbal tea made with spiced used in Ayurveda. Organic spices include turmeric, coriander, cumin, ginger, peppercorn, fenugreek, and cardamom. Made with cane sugar and organic milk (cow, coconut, almond, rice, or soy). Made locally by Kashaya.


Create Your Own Blend

Choose 1 – 2 herbs:




Licorice Root



Ginger Root



Tulsi Holy Basil



Rose Petals