Iced Teas

Iced Tea

Iced Teas

Prices range from 3.95 – 5.50

Forest Dragon

A customer favorite! Organic matcha and jasmine green teas are flash infused with organic rice milk, fresh mint, cardamom and honey.

Thai Iced Tea

House blended black and oolong teas, vanilla, Thai spices, and turmeric for color.  Choose half & half or coconut milk, and choose your level of sweetness.  Made without artificial red food coloring.

Iced Jasmine

Cold infused jasmine green tea is flowery and refreshing.


Sweetened dark oolong tea is shaken to produce a frothy “head” like a draft beer. Named for a famous pub street in Prague, it has a roasted, woody, slightly tannic flavor.

Chilled Chai

Organic Assam black tea blended with our superb organic masala spices, milk, and cane sugar. Made with organic milk (cow, coconut, almond, rice, or soy).

Matcha Lemonade

Organic matcha infused into refreshing lemonade.

Matcha on the Rocks

Organic matcha tea served on ice without sweetener. Grassy, vegetal and refreshing. A great way to cool off and get an energy boost to boot!

Matcha Honey Latte

A Japanese delight. Made with organic matcha green tea, milk and honey. The tea is quickly infused, then shaken with other ingredients to produce a frothy tea. Your choice of organic cow, soy, coconut, almond, or rice milk.

Lavender Latte

An aromatic, calming iced tea. A combination of black & oolong teas are infused with organic lavender and honey. Choose organic cow, soy, almond, coconut, or rice milk.

Iced Black Tea

Classic organic Assam black tea over ice. Served with lemon.

Iced Flavored Black Tea

*Choose Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango, or Ginger

Quench your thirst with this lightly sweetened flavored tea. Iced organic Assam black tea is mixed with your choice of real puréed fruit.

Arnold Palmer

Organic black iced tea with pure lemonade – a refreshing drink made famous by the legendary golfer. Garnished with a lemon wheel.

New Moon

Refreshingly sweet iced organic yerba mate. This cold infused tea is sweetened with sugar and poured in a tall beer glass. Garnished with a Valencia orange wedge, this resembles the refreshment of a Belgian White beer.

Yerba Mate Latte

Iced organic yerba mate blended with organic milk (cow, coconut, almond, rice, or soy), cane sugar, and cardamom. Sure to refresh and stimulate.


Iced Bubble Teas

Bubble tea, also called Boba Tea, originated in Taiwan. It is a sweetened chilled tea drink with chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom that are sucked up through the straw. Our delicious version of this beverage is infused with quality loose leaf tea, organic milk, and cane sugar.

Choose your tea:  Jasmine Green, Matcha, Oolong, Black, Yerba Mate, Tulsi, Hibiscus, or Rooibos

Choose your organic milk: cow, almond, coconut, soy, rice

Choose your puree fruit flavor: Raspberry, Strawberry, or Mango


Iced Herbal Teas

Cool Hibiscus

A tart, fruity iced tea made with organic hibiscus flowers, organic lemongrass, and organic spearmint – lightly sweetened and garnished with lemon. We offer you this refreshing bright pink infusion perfect for a warm summer day!  Substitute honey option.

Iced Reishi Latte

A blend of organic medicinal mushrooms and herbs, organic milk (cow, soy, almond, coconut, or rice), and pure cane sugar..

Chilled Tulsi Basil

The Mother Medicine of Nature! Grown in south India, this herbal is sure to stimulate and awaken the crown chakra. Tulsi is exceptionally good for cleansing and immunity. It offers a slight spicy, sweet flavor.

Chilled Rooibos Chai

Organic Rooibos blended with our organic masala spices, organic milk (cow, soy, rice, coconut, or almond), and cane sugar. Served ice cold.

Rose Lemonade

A delicious spin on traditional lemonade! The addition of pure rosewater and organic hibiscus creates a tart, sweet, and floral summertime beverage. Served with a lemon wheel.

Lavender Lemonade

Aromatic organic lavender is flash-infused into lemonade.