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With over 100 different types of tea, we have something for everyone on the menu including green tea, matcha, chai, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, pu-erh tea, herbal tea, yerba mate, iced tea, bubble tea, hot chocolate, and cacao. Click on each category to see the full menu.

Green Teas

Unoxidized. In China fresh leaves are gently pan-fired to stop their oxidation process, while in Japan they are quickly steamed.

White & Yellow Teas

White Tea: Lightly oxidized. Harvested leaves are placed in the sun to wither on round bamboo trays. Eventually the fresh leaves are dried and then hand sorted for stalks and impurities.

Yellow Tea: Light-late oxidation. Harvested leaves are quickly steamed to denature their enzymes, then covered to allow the aromas of the heated leaves to be re-absorbed into the leaves themselves.

Oolong Teas

Semi-oxidized. Oolongs range from 15-80% oxidation. The leaves may be roasted over open fire, tumble dried to bring out floral qualities, or baked in bamboo baskets.

Black Teas

Fully oxidized. Fresh leaves are gently rolled and placed on flat screens to wither. A deep enzymatic oxidation of the freed polyphenols brings out caramel and tannic flavors. The leaves are then quickly dried at high heat.

Pu-erh Teas

Oxidized, fermented, and aged. Damp leaves are placed in the hot sun to wither. They are then pile fermented and aged in either dry or humidity-controlled conditions for a time ranging from 4 months to many years.

Chai and Special Teas

In addition to classic teas, Dobrá Tea also offers some of its own blends and recipes inspired by the many traditions we have encountered on our travels.

Yerba Maté

We are proud to offer Argentinian, Organic, Fair Trade Mate of the most superb leaf quality. Yerba, the sacred Paraguayan tea plant, is the traditional and common daily drink of the Guarani Natives of Argentina. It is famous for its stimulating effects, as it contains up to 2% caffeine. It is known for its numerous health benefits and mood lifting capability. We serve it in a typical gourd called a calabash, with a drinking straw, or bombilla. The infusion, made from the crushed, light green leaf of the mate plant, has an earthy, vegetal aroma, and a strongly herbal, bitter taste that can be softened by the addition of honey. It is good for late nights of study, reading, when the day’s mood needs an upward lift, or for animated conversation with friends.

Herbal Teas

Classified as tisanes, these are made from plants other than Camellia sinensis and are therefore generally free of caffeine. Usually leaves, roots, and flowers with medicinal qualities and enticing aromas are dried for this purpose.

Iced Teas

A diverse selection of traditional and in-house creations served either iced or chilled.

Bubble Tea

Pearl Milk tea originated in the tea shops of Taichung city in Taiwan.  This delicious cold beverage is infused with Dobra’s fine choice of tea, organic milk, and chewy tapioca pearls. It is perfect for a relaxing walk through town.

Kid’s Tea

We offer several caffeine-free options for kids including herbal teas, hot chocolate, bubble tea, and lemonade. Kids love Dobrá Tea!