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Our Story

Dobrá Tea is a bohemian-style tearoom and restaurant café located in downtown Ashland, Oregon, specializing in providing a unique and enjoyable tea-drinking experience. We offer a wide selection of over 100 varieties of high-quality loose-leaf teas from different regions around the world, boba tea, as well as food, pastries, and desserts.

What sets Dobrá Tea apart is our farm-to-tea-cup concept, where we source our teas directly from tea farmers around the world, including China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.


Our story began in Prague during the last few years of communism, where a group of young tea lovers started meeting to drink teas smuggled into Czechoslovakia. In 1989, communism fell and Dobrá Tea opened its first Bohemian-style tearoom in Prague in 1993. Since then, we have expanded our tea concept throughout the United States.


All tearooms are locally & American owned and independently operated.


In addition to our commitment to high-quality teas and boba, Dobrá Tea also supports local businesses, farmers, herbalists, and artists in our region.


We serve and brew each tea according to the tradition of its country of origin, providing a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for tea lovers to find peace and serenity.


We take pride in sourcing our teas directly from farmers. We offer a selection of certified organic, wild arbor, permaculturally grown, and naturally grown teas that meet strict pesticide, chemical, and heavy metal testing standards.


Guests can enjoy a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere while experiencing the positive impact that tea can have on the mind and body.

dobra tea
dobra tea
dobra tea



Happy Tea Drinker

“World class teas abound here along with healthy food choices but most go for the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere of lounging on floor pillows to enjoy sipping tea while chatting softly with friends.” –Anndara A.


The Tea Enthusiast

“If you like tea this is the place to go. They have an extensive tea menu, teas from every part of the world.” –Joan L.


The Local Foodie

“What an enjoyable afternoon we had. I’ve never been to a tea house before. They have an extensive tea selection, friendly staff and excellent service. I will definitely be returning.” –Linda K.

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